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?I walked into Accuscan because I was concerned about my families' history of heart disease, and left with lifesaving [Full Body and Heart CT Scan] information regarding non-symptomatic problems I had never considered.  Two surgeries later I have a new lease on life."
Robert Baird
Sandy, Utah 2002

?I was so impressed with Accuscan's fast service and reasonable pricing that I will be recommending your full body scan to all my friends friends. Thanks Guys!
Twin Falls, Idaho

?Our unborn baby was diagnosed with serious life-threatening problems.  Accuscan's ultrasound specialists provided what would be the first, last, and only fetal photos we would ever enjoy of Brittany, our sweetheart, who was never able to see the light of day.  Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for the gift of memory images!  You were all so wonderful to us during some of the most trying times of our lives.  We have absolutely NO hesitation giving our full recommendation to the professionals at Accuscan ultrasound specialists!"
Mr. & Mrs. __________ Names withheld by request
Park City, Utah
?This is a true story!  My husband and I visited ______________ [competitor company name withheld], for 3D-4D fetal images of our unborn baby.  We were very disappointed with the results.  My sister then referred us to the ultrasound specialists at Accuscan in the Gateway Mall.  We learned that their ultrasound techs had years of college and medical training and were nationally board certified rather trained on the job like the other photo imaging centers and they are primarily a medical imaging facility and do the 3D-4D imaging as a service for their patients, yet their prices were similar, even cheaper than the non-medically training facilities.  We love you guys and hope to come back soon for our next baby."
Sabrina & Jed
Cheyenne, Wyoming

?I am 54 years old and my doctor recommended that I have a colonoscopy.  I'll admit that I was terrified of the uncomfortable procedure and all the poking.  He then told me about the non-evasive and painless virtual colonoscopy.  I checked the internet and found Accuscan.  They told me all about the procedure and I made an appointment and had the test done.  The results were negative! thank goodness, and the procedure was as easy as pie!  Thanks all you nice people at Accuscan!"
Ogden, Utah

?With modern technology, it is ridiculous not to have this done if you care about your health?
Cindy McClure
Draper, Utah

?I thank you, Accuscan, for finding my cancer early and allowing me to take charge of a potentially fatal problem long before it could cause serious damage or even be detected on a routine exam.?
Lynette Phillips
Provo, Utah

?Without Accuscan, I would not feel so empowered to take charge of my health.  Thank you again for a wonderful gift.?
Jaime Rupert
Salt Lake City

?This diagnosis [and subsequent surgery] literally saved my life.  The tumor would have caused respiratory failure had it shifted or continued in its rapid growth.?     
Nathan Hale
Salt Lake City, Utah

?I?m an Accuscan patient whose life was saved by their full body scan.?       
Don Hunter
Layton, Utah

These people?and thousands more?took the initiative to have a full body scan.  In their own words, it was one of the best decisions they ever made. 

If  heart disease, cancer or stroke runs in your family, the test available at Accuscan can literally mean the difference between longevity and untimely death.  And detecting disease at an earlier, more treatable stage may not only save your life, but can also help you avoid risky or expensive surgery later on.

Finally, you have a choice.  You can wait for disease to strike.  Or you can do something about it today with modern detection technology.  Isn?t it time you had a scan.