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Lung Scan    $350

More Americans die from lung cancer each year than from breast,colon, and prostate cancer combined. A CT lung scan is the best test for detecting early lung cancer. It can detect cancer too small to be seen on an x-ray. It  also detects other lung damage such as emphysema or lung scarring. It is Ideal for:
  • current and/or former smokers
  • those exposed to second-hand smoke or excessive air pollution
  • anyone with a family history of lung cancer
  • those suffering from lung inflammation such as tuberculosis.

For more information about a lung scan click here.
Scan Prices
Heart Scan    $475

Every thirty seconds, an American dies of heart disease. The heart scan, one of our most powerful preventive tools, can detect early heart disease and calcified plaque build-up years before a treadmill stress test.  If detected early, it can be arrested or even reversed.  It is ideal for:
  • anyone with a family history of heart disease
  • smokers, former smokers, or those exposed  to second-hand smoke
  • anyone with high cholesterol.
  • diabetics

For more information about a heart scan click here.
Virtual Colonoscopy    $995

Over 60,000 Americans will die of colon cancer this year. The virtual colonoscopy is a comparatively noninvasive procedure providing physicians a computerized, 3-D look in the colon. This makes polyps and cancer detection quick, effective, and pain-free. A one-day preparation period is required, but because there is no sedation, you may return to full activity immediately.  It is ideal for:
  • anyone with a family history of colon cancer
  • those who are overweight or eat a high-fat diet
  • anyone whose whose bowel habits have changed recently

For more information about a virtual colonoscopy click here.
Head Scan    $300

The head scan offers a quick look at your brain and sinus cavity in your head.  Accuscan physicians have found brain tumors that otherwise would not have been found until symptoms occurred, at which time it is often too late.  The head scan can be added to any combination of other scans FOR ONLY $150.
Full Body Scan    $795

One out of two men, and one out of three women in the U.S. will develop cancer. The full body scan includes the the heart scan, the lung scan, and also examines the abdomen for life-threatening diseases such as cancer of the major organs, aneurysms, and lymphoma.

It can also detect benign conditions such as kidney and gall stones, osteoporosis, and arthritis. It is ideal for:
  • current and/or former smokers.
  • anyone a family history of cancer or heart disease
  • those who have been diagnosed with high cholesterol or high blood pressure

For more information about a full body scan click here.
Full Body Scan & Virtual Colonoscopy    $1350 

The Total Scan    $1500

The "Total Scan" combines the Full Body Scan with the Head Scan and Virtual Colonoscopy.  With a total savings of $545 this scan provides the greatest value for those wanting to take a proactive approach to their complete health.
VAP (Cholestorol) Test    $450
(only $112 with any scan!)

Have you been told that your cholesterol level is normal?

The chances are it?s not!  More than half of the patients who experience a heart attack have "normal" cholesterol test results.  Unlike routine cholesterol tests, the VAP test identifies twice the number of people actually at risk for heart disease.

Don't take the risk!  Take the VAP.

For more information about the VAP test, click here.
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