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Accuscan CT Heart Scan

At Accuscan in Salt Lake City, Utah, a heart scan is included in their full body scan.  However, there are many patients who want only to learn the condition of their heart, such as in the case of a family history of early heart disease.  For these people Accuscan offers an independent heart scan.

This sophisticated study is valuable in screening for even microscopic particles of calcification (plaque) in coronary arteries?the earliest predictor of heart disease.  The stress-free, painless procedure will precisely measure and calculate your calcium levels and compare the results with patients within your same demographic pool to determine your latent risks.

Your "calcium score" indicates the statistical likelihood of future coronary events.  If your calcium score is elevated in comparison to others in your age group (along with other factors) you will be referred to a specialist for additional evaluation. A CD containing your heart scan images, along with the supplementary radiology report, will be sent to you personally or may it be forwarded to your physician at your request.

The traditional treadmill stress test looks for blockages of blood flow in the coronary arteries.  However, by the time heart disease is evident in a treadmill test, the arteries are typically more than 70% blocked?indicating advanced stage heart disease.  And by this point in time the patient is usually already experiencing symptoms.
In contrast, the Accuscan heart scan detects cardiopulmonary disease when the arteries are only in the initial stages of plaque build-up?while the patient is still completely asymptomatic.  Early recognition of problems in their infancy allows simple remedies including lifestyle changes or minimal medication. Accuscan?s goal is to avoid future expensive and stressful surgical intervention for their patients or even a severe cardiac event which, with early detection, can be avoided altogether.

At this very moment one in four Americans are dying from heart disease.  The technology Accuscan offers holds enormous potential for radically improving that statistic.  Take control of your life and future; visit Accuscan, a whole new way of enriching your health.

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