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Full Body Scan

The full body scan, the most comprehensive screening procedure, includes the heart and lung scans and....
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PLUS, In our Riverwoods Imaging Center in Provo we also have:

Virtual Colonoscopy

The virtual colonscopy gives doctors a computerized, 3D peek inside the colon, making polyps and cancer detection quick & pain-free....
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Medical Diagnostic Ultrasound

Accuscan is an advanced medical imaging facility  providing you and your physician high quality ultrasound imaging & interpretations....
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3D 4D Ultrasound

Accuscan's ultrasound specialists hire experienced ARMDS sonographers to perform 3D-4D fetal....

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Heart Scan

The heart scan, one of medicine's most powerful preventive tools, can detect early heart disease years prior to onset of symptoms....
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Lung Scan

The lung scan is the best means of detecting early lung cancer.  It can locate cancer too small to be detected on an X-ray. It can also....
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The VAP (Vertical Auto Profile) Blood Test measures cholesterol subclasses that play important roles in the development of heart disease....
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Imagine a future where disease is detected in its infancy and disorders are slowed, arrested, and even reversed before the patient ever suffers the effect of any disease.  With AccuScan, that future is right NOW, right here in Utah!  It truly is what you don't know that can hurt you.  Take proactive control of your own health and future and stay as healthy as AccuScan can make possible.  Call or visit our clinic in Gateway Mall today for more information or to schedule your personal, pain-free, 10-minute full body scan.
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Accuscan Health Imaging - Ultrasound Specialists 130 S. 400 W. Gateway Mall, Salt Lake City, UtahAccucscan's state-of-the-art GE Ct ScannerAccuscan/Ultrasound Specialists is located that the Gateway Mall in downdown Salt Lake City, UtahThe Trax station is directly outside the front door of Accuscan Medical Imaging / Ultrasound Specialists on 130 South 400 West in Salt Lake City, Utah 84101CT tect performing a full body scan at Accuscan Health Imaging in Salt Lake City at their Gateway Mall locationAn Accuscan ARMDS nationally board certified ultrasound specialist is performing a 3D-4D ultrasound in their Gate Mall location in Salt Lake City, UtahOne of the pleasant waiting rooms at Accuscan The front check-in counter at Accuscan / Ultrasound SpecialistsA doctor's consultation room within Accuscan Health Imaging located in the Gateway Mall in downtown Salt Lake City, UtahA patient checking in for a virtual colonoscopy and a full body scan at Accuscan in our Gateway Mall location in Salt Lake City, UtahAccuscan's new diagnostic and 3D-4D ultrasound room. We've had over 20 family members attend the happy eventAnoteAnother view inside Accuscan's new ultrasound specialists facility located at the Gateway Mall in downtown Salt Lake City, Utah
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Can a Full Body Scan (CT/CAT Scan) Save Your Life
Published eZine Article by Paul Jensen

In 2002 Robert Baird walked into Accuscan Health Imaging Center in Salt Lake City, Utah, because of a minor concern about a family history of heart disease and he left minutes later with lifesaving information regarding non-symptomatic problems he was unaware of and had never considered.  ?Two surgeries later,? Baird exclaims, ?I have a new lease on life.? 

The two most common causes of death in the United States are cardiovascular disease and cancer, accounting for nearly three out of every four deaths in America.  Every 30 seconds an American dies of heart disease while one out of two men and one out of three women will develop cancer, taking a life every 90 seconds.

In less than 15 minutes a computed axial tomography (CT or CAT) ?full body scan? will screen for the presence of heart disease, various cancers, and other abnormalities.  The body CT scan, the most comprehensive screening procedure available anywhere, looks at the heart and lungs and examines the abdomen for life-threatening diseases such as cancer of the major organs, lymphoma and aneurysms.  It can also detect benign conditions such as arthritis, osteoporosis, kidney stones and gall stones.   The full body scan may be helpful for those with higher medical risks, such as a family history of cancer or heart disease, current and former smokers, high cholesterol, and anyone with diabetes or high blood pressure.

According to the American Cancer Society most people with lung cancer have no symptoms whatsoever.  Currently only 15% of all lung cancers are detected in their early stages.  And according to the American Heart Association the first and only warning for most stroke and heart attack victims is the actual onset of a life-threatening crisis. Last year over 650,000 American Adults died of heart disease, and nearly half of those were sudden, undiagnosed deaths.

According to Dr. Wendell A. Gibby, MD, Director of Riverwoods Imaging and Interventional Center in Provo, Utah, and Associate Professor of Radiology at the University of Arizona in Tucson, the full body CT scan provides critical data in identifying abnormalities and diseases in their early stages.  ?Numerous studies have indicated that early detection of a number of diseases may significantly increase the likelihood of recovery.?
The body scan is a simple, fast, and painless procedure.  An individual simply lies on a scanner table while high speed 3D images are taken. A radiologist then interprets the scan results to determine if there are any visible abnormalities.

The full body scan looks at the heart and lungs, the abdomen, including the thoracic and abdominal aorta, spleen, adrenal glands, lymph nodes, certain pelvic organs, kidneys, spine, liver, pancreas, and the gall bladder.  The scan is designed to detect early or advanced heart disease, vascular disease, tumors of the lung, kidney, and liver, aortic aneurisms, calcified gallstones, calcified kidney stones, and various abnormalities in the abdomen and pelvic regions.  Simply stated, a full body CT scan can reveal a lot about the inside of you body and may even save your life.

A full body scan currently costs in the rage of $600 - $900, depending upon geographical location and medical specialization, and does not normally require at doctor?s prescription.  For more information about the full body CT/CAT scan, call (801) 456-SCAN (7227) or visit or
Head Scan

The VAP (Vertical Auto Profile) Blood Test measures cholesterol subclasses that play important roles in the development of heart disease....
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The VAP (Vertical Auto Profile) Blood Test measures cholesterol subclasses that play important roles in the development of heart disease....
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